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Our Story

Our principles are simple and resonate throughout our design, service and interactions with clients and talent.

We are a growing collective of experts combining our experience and passion to create WorkIt, the digital solution to hospitality recruitment.

Our story starts with WorkIt Founder and CEO Joseph Woodland. With over 13 years experience, Joseph started in hospitality as a Commis Chef at the 2 Michelin star restaurant, The Square. Working his way through the culinary ranks Joseph opened his own award-winning restaurant Barnyard in 2016, in partnership with renowned Michelin star Chef, Ollie Dabbous.

Joseph saw first hand the revenue drain caused by hiring staff. The process stole valuable time from the kitchen, with many agencies struggling to match jobs with the right talent.

Joseph also noticed that the talent sent by agencies often did not get a choice of the jobs that they wanted. These mounting frustrations inspired Joseph to create a solution.

WorkIt, the quick and easy digital platform was created to transform and simplify the hiring process in hospitality, so both the client and talent can benefit. Our goal and mission is to prove that hiring can be simple and fair, without costing more than it should. The WorkIt app and platform is designed to work for employers and jobseekers, without compromise.

We hope our story inspires you to join us in making hospitality a fairer industry


Founding Team

Joseph Woodland

Founder and CEO

“From my time at The Square to when I opened Barnyard, I have been on both sides of the hiring process at various levels. The only consistent theme I noticed, was that recruitment agencies always seemed to get the better end of the deal. It’s time this changed”

Victoria Adesanya

COO and Co-Founder

“I am excited to work for a company that is completely transforming the hospitality sector. Clients can pick suitable talent at a price level that they see fit, and talent have a choice to work where they want whilst also dictating how much they deserve.”


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