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How do I get started?

It’s easy to get started. Complete this registration form to register your company. We require your company registration number, contact information and a credit form to create and verify your company profile. Credit forms are used to set up invoices. After this, you will be good to go. Please refer to our Privacy Policy on how this data will be stored and managed.

How does it cost to use WorkIt?
We charge 8% commission plus taxes (c. 9% taxes).
How does your rating system work?
Our rating system is a two-way street. You can rate talent based on their skills, professionalism, and punctuality; and they can rate you too. We believe that transparency will help to create better work conditions for everyone, meaning that the best employers will attract the best job seekers and vice versa.
I know the talent that I would like to recruit. How can I invite them to a job without posting the job publicly?
You can do this by locating the talent within ‘Find Workers’ on your web access. Then you can send job details privately to the talent by clicking ‘Send Request’ on their profile.
What if we need to cancel a job?
then no charges will be incurred. Please be aware however, that if you cancel the job within 48hrs (i.e. less than 2 days notice), then you will still be charged for the hours booked. The charges incurred will still go to the recruited talent as if they had worked the shift.
What if the recruited talent is no good or has the wrong equipment?
If you need to send someone home due to lateness or find that they are unsuitable for the role you won’t be charged. Instead please contact us and let us know job details and the reason for your dissatisfaction. We also encourage you to use our rating system.
What if the recruited talent doesn't show up?
We do not anticipate this happening often given our reliability scoring system. Nevertheless, we have a ‘No Show ‘button next to the talent in the booking screen. Once pressed, it will send a message to all available workers in the area.
Please note we ban talent with two no shows from the WorkIt app, thus increasing the reliability of our pool of talent.
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