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How do I get started?

Once you’ve downloaded the WorkIt app, complete the simple registration form, and upload your picture, passport and CV. Your profile will then be approved and you will have access to a range of job vacancies that you can apply to. Please refer to our Privacy Policy on how this data will be stored and managed.

Why do you need my passport?
We need your passport to verify and approve your profile. All personal data is securely stored and will not be shared or used for any other purpose but to create and maintain your profile on the WorkIt app.
When do I get paid?
You will get paid every Friday, for jobs completed before and up to the previous Sunday.
How does your rating system work?
It’s a two-way street. There is a simple 5 star rating system where both the employer and jobseeker can rate each other. Ratings are visible on all profiles for other users of the WorkIt app to see. Employers consider your punctuality and performance when conducting their ratings. Equally, we encourage you to consider the working environment (breaks, food etc) when leaving ratings for employers.
I have been charged an admin fee on my payslip. What does this mean?
An administrative fee of £5 is charged to talent for each instance when hours recorded by talent through the WorkIt app are different to the hours recorded by the client’s timesheet. The charge goes towards the coding costs to correct the hours within the app. It is therefore important that you record your working hours accurately at the start and end of each shift within the app, so that it is aligned with the client’s timesheet.
How do I know when I will be working?
A notification email will be sent to you. You can also view booked shifts on the Calendar page in the app (green dot indicates that you are working on that day). On the day of your shift, your job will appear on the Sessions page enabling you to sign in upon arrival and sign out once your shift is over.
What happens if my pay is wrong?
All payslips are issued to the email address that you provided when registering in the app. We are dedicated to resolving all queries/disputes, so please log into the app and go to ‘My Transactions’ and select the ‘Dispute’ button. Once selected, our Customer Support team will be notified and will respond within 24 hours.
What happens with taxes? What if I am self employed?
All candidates working through WorkIt are paid PAYE (Pay As You Earn). This means we will take care of all tax liabilities for you and the employer. If you are self-employed you can claim these taxes back, by accessing your booking records within the WorkItapp.
I applied for a job, but have not heard back?
Employers usually choose talent within 24-48 hours of job posting. If you have not heard anything after 48 hours, make a note of the Job ID (the initial letters include WTJ…), and then check your WorkIt app notifications to see if you have received a “job cancelled”, “job request rejected,” or “job met with requirement” notification for that Job ID. This will mean that you have not been booked for the job.

If you are still unsure, please email our Customer Support team (support@workit-app.com) and we will get back to you asap.

How can I ensure that I am selected for a shift?
At WorkIt, we provide a platform where employers can choose the right talent for their jobs, and talent have the choice of when, where and how much they would like to work for. As such we are not involved with the decision making process.
Nevertheless, maintaining a high rating and reliability score, whilst adding as much information about your skills and experience on your profile helps greatly. We also find that having a profile picture in your uniform (e.g. chef whites) and uploading pictures of your work is viewed favorably by employers.
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